A 6-week course to learn the basics about your business finances.


Does this sound like you?

  • I have no clue how to budget, why do I need to?

  • I don't know if I am making a profit!

  • I fear how much tax I owe.

  • Do I really need to understand accounting, can I just pay someone else to take care of it?

  • My head spins trying to figure out finances.

  • I don't understand what my accountant is talking about.

  • I guess at how much my expenses are for the year and hope the IRS doesn't want to see my records.

  • I try to avoid thinking about taxes until the last possible minute.

  • Tax anxiety, it's real!

  • Did I prepare enough or is the accountant going to ask a ton of questions that I won't know the answers to?

  • What is KPI and why do I need to know about it?

  • How do I read my Profit & Loss statement or Balance Sheet?

Introducing Business Finance Training For Beginners

Owning a business is a dream come true for many people, but owning a business can be a nightmare if not approached with a sound business strategy and savvy planning.

How would it feel to...

  • Be able to organize your company's finances
  • Do your own bookkeeping and save money
  • Know how to budget and track your finances
  • Save hours by not having to scour the internet for resources & have all the templates/materials you need
  • Understand financial terms
  • Get an accurate picture of where your business stands financially
  •  No longer be overwhelmed by your finances

What's in it?

Below is the 6 week agenda with an included bonus!

Module 1: Program Overview, Training Agenda & Expectations
Module 2: Why Gain Control Over Your Finances?
Module 3: Goal Setting (Doing The Math)
Module 4: Understanding Your Own Mindset Traps
Module 5: Action Items & Week 1 Wrap Up

Module 1: Fundamentals Of Accounting & How They Relate To Your Finances
Module 2: Building Your Personal Net Worth Statement
Module 3: Building Your Personal Income Statement
Module 4: Building Your Personal Budget
Module 5: Action Items & Week 2 Wrap Up

Module 1: Your Business Financial Statements
Module 2: Building Your Business Balance Sheet
Module 3: Building Your Business Income Statement
Module 4: Building Your Business Budget
Module 5: Action Items & Week 3 Wrap Up

Module 1: Fundamentals of Managing Your Finances
Module 2: Using Technology to Track Finances
Module 3: Quickbooks Setup & Implementation
Module 4: Advanced Quickbooks Reporting & Training
Module 5: Action Items & Week 4 Wrap Up

Module 1: What Is a KPI?
Module 2: Setting Your Own KPIs
Module 3: Review Process of Your KPIs
Module 4: Determining The Root Problems
Module 5: Action Items & Week 5 Wrap Up

Module 1: Revised Goal Setting
Module 2: Building Your Monthly & Yearly Projections
Module 3: Structuring Your Finances To Excel
Module 4: Working With an Accountant & Next Steps
Module 5: Action Items & Week 6 Wrap Up

Meet the Instructor

Tina Pittman is a founding member of Your Accountant, LLC and specializes in tax, accounting and business consulting services for small business entrepreneurs. She is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant, received her MBA degree from Campbell University and is a Certified Tax Coach. 

Tina's passion is to help small business owners excel in their business ventures. She determined entrepreneurs need the most help in the beginning of their journey; thus the reason she created Business Finance For Beginners Training. She knows if business owners understand their finances and have the support that is needed they will thrive. 


"Your course was extremely helpful in helping me organize my finances and get an accurate picture of where I stood financially. The course takes you through the reasons why things are organized the way they are. After taking the course it was easier to organize and track my finances. As a result, I could look at the areas I am performing well and those I need to examine."

Licensed Insurance Agent

"Before I joined Tina’s program, I was unsure how to structure and categorize my financials. Through the information shared in the program, I was equipped with the tools to set up my company’s financial records in a way that makes sense for my services. Even more, Tina provided templates for creating both personal and business budgets – which are far superior to the makeshift budget form I was using. I joined Tina’s program because I wanted to put in the foundation for operating a fiscally sound and successful business; rather than spending hours of time scouring the internet for all the resources to help me accomplish this goal it was important to me that all of the material is already consolidated into one place inside the program. Tina’s depth of experience shines through in each module as does her passion for helping business owners move beyond feeling overwhelmed when it comes to managing their finances by equipping them with the tools needed to take proactive ownership over financial matters."

I Rise Consulting Group, LLC

"I really appreciate how simple you made the material. It was easy to follow and the lessons were short enough that I could chew on the small morsels and mull them over before moving on to the next one. If someone is brand new to running a business, these concepts will be invaluable. Everyone should know how to read a balance sheet and income statement. Anyone in business needs to know how to manage cash flow. Goal setting is also helpful, but from a financial perspective, knowing how to manage the finances day to day is absolutely essential."

Taylored Content

"I always had a pretty good understanding of finances and planning for future expenses. But after starting my business, I quickly found out how difficult it is to put a plan in place in order to keep my business running financially strong. Tina’s program provided simple, easy to follow steps that walked me through the budgeting process, clearly explaining complex financial terms, making it easy for me to create a budget that I can stick to and know that my company will be financially stable. Her program is something I will go back to often to ensure I am maintaining the proper course with my finances. I would highly recommend Tina’s course to anyone that needs help understanding their finances (whether personal or business), or is looking to increase their financial position."

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